Our History in San Manuel

Chris Valdes Chris' True Value is a family owned business that has been serving our Tri-Community area for over 27 years. We are located in the town of San Manuel, Arizona about 45 minutes North of Tucson. Our store's owner and namesake Chris Valdes, immigrated to the Tri-community from Chile when he was 14 years old. After high school and a tour in Vietnam, he settled in the area with his wife Phyllis and went to work as the manager of a small retail store called Schaul's Variety. Soon after this, he opted to buy the store from the retiring owners. Chris kept the store name until 1988 when he changed it to Chris' True Value by joining the largest member owned and operated wholesale co-op in the world. Recently Chris' son Kurt has returned to the store and will now be a second-generation store owner.

Kurt Valdes Family and community are very important to all of us here at Chris' True Value. We look forward to serving your needs for many years to come. Please contact us and let us know what you think of our service, selection and especially our new Web site.

Our Location in the Tri-Community

We live in the heart of the Southwest, about 45 miles northeast of Tucson, in the town of San Manuel, Arizona. San Manuel was a planned community built by The Magma Copper Company in the 1950's to house its employees. Until the 1980's you could only live in San Manuel if you were an employee of Magma Copper or one of its contractors. Then Magma decided to sell the Town Site and all of its homes. The houses were quickly purchased by the locals and soon they were painting, gardening and landscaping their homes to be as unique and colorful as their owners. The shopping center where Chris' True Value is located was also sold. Two local businessmen, Chris Valdes and Vern Stover, formed the company Mega Enterprises to manage and promote the shopping center. The shopping center currently houses; Chris' True Value, Gordon's Market, U.S. Post Office, Community First National Bank and several other businesses like YBC Realty where you can find out which homes are available in the Tri-Community.